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We help charities build a better tomorrow by providing new ways to donate and fundraise

Fundraising is every charity’s greatest challenge. Cudo Donate is a new way for charity supporters to give; by donating spare computing power. Cudo Donate software sits quietly in the background on your computer as you go about your daily business, waiting to harness spare capacity to help those in need. When you stop working, Cudo Donate comes to life and turns unused computer power into cryptocurrency – digital money – for great causes.

Every supporter with a computer can now donate their spare computer power to a charity. A typical modern computer can raise £1-50 a month; powerful computers much more. The cost? Just electricity. What might this mean for the cause you care about? If you want to make a difference, we’re here to make it simple, effortless with a more interactive and exciting way to donate

Benefits of a Cudo Donate Charity Partnership


A New Funding Stream

Donating spare computing power is a brand new interactive and modern way for supporters to fundraise without undermining existing activities.


A New Way For Existing Supporters To Donate

Donating spare computing power is a simple way for existing supporters to give even more.


New Supporters

Attract a tech-savvy audience and a new generation of supporters by offering an easy way to donate direct from their desktop or laptop.


No Start-Up Costs, No Upfront Investment

Registered charities get free fundraising tools, free platform and no setup costs.