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Looking to develop an exciting new project? Do you have an existing app which you want to share with a bigger market? You’re in the right place.

Join the leading distributed computing platform by writing apps that are distributed in the Cudo platform. You will be rewarded for deploying applications that are used by our users, plus your work will get visibility and recognition. You want to write only a part of it or implement a novel algorithm for a specific workload? Please do, all good contributions are most welcome and rewarded!

A high level guideline for the best suited apps for our platform are workloads with small inputs and outputs. Our platform has a wide range of hardware, so while parallelisable jobs are highly encouraged, they are not a must.

We are in the early stages of the platform, but we are very interested and excited about a wide range of topics, including video rendering, AI and scientific simulations. We’re equally excited about anything you’re interested in, so please do register your interest below if you would like to stay up to date, or contact us directly if you’d like to discuss specifics!