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Creating a new revenue stream with blockchain technology and Cudo Gamer

PC gamers have access to powerful GPUs, which they tend to use about 20% of the time for gaming – 80% of the time, a gamer’s GPU is idle.

Cudo Gamer is a B2B application that integrates with any platform and provides instant monetisation of users’ hardware. Using spare or idle computing power for blockchain and cloud computations, the funds generated are automatically added to users’ accounts on our partners platform, enhancing their ecosystem and adding value to users. Users simply have to download the safe and secure Cudo Gamer application, log in to their accounts, and the application will do the rest.

Are you a gaming cafe owner? Download our flyer for more information about Cudo Gamer and how it could work for your gaming cafe.

The Gaming Landscape is Changing

Our industry has come a long way from pixelated lemmings on a floppy disk. In an era of eSports, mobile, console and internet gaming, competing for gamer’s attention and their purchase power is becoming more difficult than ever before.

With a new era of micro-transactions, subscriptions and eCommerce stores such as Steam, gamers are inundated with choice but restricted by budget. Cudo Gamer has created a technology based on blockchain in order to solve this problem for players, game creators, publishers and resellers.

How it Works

Cudo Gamer is available for any publisher, reseller or eCommerce gaming store. With our whitelabel solution, your gamers can simply download the software onto their PCs and immediately start earning revenue to spend on your games or in your game store.

With this ‘plug and play’ platform, gamers are enabled to create an extra revenue stream to fund their gaming needs and desires. The Cudo Gamer platform is intuitive, collaborative and utilises gamification for added value.

Zero Impact to Game Play

We understand the importance of user experience. No one wants a laggy experience when playing their favourite game.

Cudo Gamer sits dormant in the background on the computer and will intelligently start working when the system is idle. You can even go beyond this and schedule the times of the day (or night) to work away for you.

Only active when gamers stop playing and go afk, or as scheduled.

Applications of Cudo Gamer

Create a new revenue stream for your organisation.

With the Cudo Gamer whitelabel solution, any organisation from game publishers, creators to eCommerce stores can have their own version of the monetization software. The Cudo team will work closely with you to reskin and rebrand the software to exact specifications.
Integration with your platform.

With the Cudo Gamer SDK, developers can bundle Cudo Gamer with their games and apps to allow users to earn in-game and in-app credits. Cudo will provide your development team with the resources and documentation needed to make the integration process seamless and effective.