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How Cudo Compute Works

Are businesses, communities and the environment paying too much for cloud computing? Cudo Compute significantly reduces your costs by up to 10x without compromising on security or scalability, or sustainability.

As our businesses continue to become more and more dependent on the internet and computing power, the business technology market nears $4 trillion in annual spend

The benefits of cloud computing, which include removing the capex and ongoing maintenance costs, quite often equal to exorbitant costs on large hyperscale public cloud platforms, including Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. We believe there is a better way to benefit from cloud computing. Distributed computing as a technology stack has opened up new possibilities.


What is distributed computing?

Distributed computing has been used within the scientific community for decades, with volunteer computers around the world contributing their spare processing power to a globally connected supercomputer, helping to advance areas of science including space exploration and genome sequencing. Through advances in technology, distributed computing can now be applied to commercial use cases that require scalable computing resources, where an individual job is split into multiple parts and processed over a distributed network of devices.

Cudo Compute is at the forefront of this innovative industry, providing businesses with an ecosystem of connected devices in a plethora of different environments. Cudo Compute’s technology core pairs the right job through to the right device based on the security and performance requirements of each individual business customer.

So, whether you’re looking for a highly compliant data centre environment to guarantee data security, or a network of edge devices for raw depersonalised computation, we can match your requirement to the right environment.


Can it help my business reach sustainability goals?

53% of the global carbon emissions for cloud computing actually happens before the cloud servers are even powered on, through the process of mining and transporting the raw materials needed to build new servers and data centre environments. Cudo Compute makes better use of the latent computing power already available, enabling you to be part of a lower waste, higher sustainability community.

How secure is it?

Cudo Compute offers 5 tiers of security to our business consumers, giving you full control of where you lease computing power from. Suppliers of hardware on our network are able to register their certifications for data and facility compliance, guaranteeing the right environment for your needs.

Using the Cudo Compute platform, your workload is processed within a container guaranteeing privacy and separation from other customer workloads.



  • Contribute to a greener, more sustainable cloud computing ecosystem
  • True on demand billing model. Scale up and down as you need and don’t pay a penny more
  • Earn with your own compute and generate spend for when you need to scale out to the cloud
  • Cudo Compute’s distributed computing model removes centralised maintenance and facility costs meaning we can pass our customers significant savings of up to 10x compared to other cloud platform


  • Choose from 5 tiers of security level 
  • Filter resource to further to meet your geolocation, throughput and latency requirement 
  • Pay on demand or in advance
  • Multiple currencies and major credit cards accepted, plus Paypal payment

What can Cudo Compute Support?

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Not only does this open the door to better, more resilient code, but it highlights exactly where improvements are needed from your team, because when your staff improve, you improve.
Cudo Compute offers a wide range of compute solutions allowing your organisation to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications and workloads in the world’s first distributed computing platform.
Medical Research
Scalable computing power at your beck and call. No matter the workload, Cudo Compute scales to suit your needs. With a distributed network of processing power, the next discovery in medical research is never far away.
Computer Aided Engineering
Spreading the workload across a network of distributed hardware makes Cudo’s platform cost-effective and fast. Run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions, based on your data.
Video Streaming
Giving your content creators and content marketers the opportunity to understand their audience like never before. Offering your audience exactly what they want, when they want it, paves the way to engaged users.
Video Production
Accelerate content production and deliver it to the appropriate audiences, at the most opportune time. Store, process and distribute your content from the Cudo Compute platform.

What now?

Cudo Compute’s team of cloud industry experts are here to help. Contact us today and find out how Cudo Compute can support your business and reduce your IT costs.