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Purpose & Promise

Cudo was founded in order to create a more sustainable and equitable world, not only in cloud computing but in hardware. Our mission is to help organisations gain access to the best quality cloud computing experience at a better cost than what is currently available. Because our organisation is based on the sharing economy model and Web 3.0 technology, we are able to create a new revenue stream for hardware owners. Typically, hardware sits idle at least 40% of the time. With Cudo’s technology, hardware owners are able to generate passive income by supporting compute workloads to organisations that need them. At Cudo Compute, our business model is built on four pillars and four promises.


The First Pillar: Web 3.0

The team behind Cudo Compute has over 16 years of cloud computing experience. Previously being part of the Web 2.0 boom, Cudo is now helping to build the third-generation web. To get ready for this phase, Cudo is building a global supply of devices capable of providing highly demanded computations much needed in the new era of internet-based technologies. Cudo’s goal is to become a key player in the Web 3.0 era by harnessing the unutilised computing power of billions of devices. We use open technologies to facilitate the development of the intelligent web enabling more cost-effective, flexible and sustainable network computing.


The Second Pillar: The Sharing Economy

Utilising the sharing economy model, our technology connects buyers of compute power with hardware suppliers ranging from individuals, businesses, data centres or gamers. Our plug and play solution creates a new revenue stream for under-utilised hardware.


The Third Pillar: Sustainability

With hardware sitting idle between 40-90% of the time, we believe that the supply and demand of compute power can be completely transformed to create better environmental sustainability, by negating the need for more data centres being built. Cudo’s technology platform ensures that hardware that already exists is used to its full potential rather than manufacturing new hardware.


The Fourth Pillar: Liberation 

Cudo is on a mission to build a new way of cloud computing in order to liberate compute users from contracts and the large costs that tend to come with it. With up to x10 more cost-effective compute, our users and clients are able to invest more into their organisational growth and scale their businesses faster.



Our First Promise: Building the new Cloud

The demand for computing keeps growing. With 5G, edge computing and AI gaining momentum, our aim is to build a more flexible decentralised cloud computing platform to keep up with the demand. With thousands of active devices per day, we can provide 24/7 access to computations of various performance levels worldwide. Our platform does not only benefit the consumer, offering better value for money and instant access to computations, but also provides a stable revenue stream to data centres, hardware owners and individuals. This in turn makes our next generation cloud platform more equitable and sustainable.


Our Second Promise: Creating a new Revenue Stream

Cudo is committed to creating a new revenue stream for all hardware owners. Community is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re here to support both individuals and businesses to improve ROI on their hardware. By offering our technology platform to users worldwide, we are able to support users and charities in creating a new stream of revenue.


Our Third Promise: Supporting Growth

Cudo commit to supporting our client’s growth by always providing the highest quality solution whilst remaining capital light and cost-effective. We offer immediate time to value and our unlimited scalability will always support organisations in their growth goals, whether this is a start-up, or an enterprise.


Our Fourth Promise: Creating a more Equitable World through Technology

Cudo was initially founded with the mission to create a more sustainable and equitable world of technology. With visionary innovation delivered ethically, we are determined to create a better world of cloud computing for the environment.