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Cudo Compute has solutions for numerous industries with core applications that provide a more flexible, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable approach to cloud computing.


Cudo Compute offers a wide range of compute solutions allowing your organisation to develop, deploy, run and scale your applications and workloads in the world’s first distributed computing platform.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Not only does this open the door to better, more resilient code, but it highlights exactly where improvements are needed from your team, because when your staff improve, you improve.
Computer Aided Engineering
Spreading the workload across a network of distributed hardware makes Cudo’s platform cost-effective and fast. Run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions, based on your data.
Material Science
The computational power needed to perform ab-initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) simulations is immense, and is typically only used in small systems. Cudo opens doors for technologies such as this to be used on a larger scale, offering advanced applications.
Medical Research
Scalable computing power at your beck and call. No matter the workload, Cudo Compute scales to suit your needs. With a distributed network of processing power, the next discovery in medical research is never far away.
Video Rendering
With the ability to monetise the thousands upon thousands of under-utilised GPUs and CPUs around the globe, Cudo offers rendering solutions for all levels and budgets.


Cudo Compute supports higher education and EdTech organisations in their journey of success and innovation for the next generation of educators and students.
With the emergence of renewable energy and clean energy, we are delighted to provide compute power to this rapidly evolving industry.
Financial Services
With the rise of fintech, banking, insurance and wealth management organisations have had to become more tech and customer savvy than ever before.
With publishers and smaller independent game designers under more pressure to deliver high quality games to delight gamers, Cudo Compute can help.
Health & Pharmaceutical
Optimise employee operations, improve patient health outcomes and lower overall maintenance costs associated with in-house hardware.
Medical Research
Whether you are migrating into the cloud or just shifting your weight, the Cudo Compute platform offers storage solutions to fit even the biggest R&D infrastructure.
Customer expectations in retail have never been higher. Cudo Compute helps retailers exceed customer expectations with support in computing needs for the entire supply chain.
The mobile edge gives way to the Internet of Things, allowing people to connect to the world around them.
Travel & Transport
Automate data analysis in order to improve employee efficiency and optimise operations.
Allowing utility businesses to focus on delivering the best possible customer experience, Cudo Compute aims to improve operational and cost efficiency, while maintaining safety and reliability.
Video Production
Accelerate content production and deliver it to the appropriate audiences, at the most opportune time. Store, process and distribute your content from the Cudo Compute platform.
Video Streaming
Give your content creators and content marketers the opportunity to understand their audience like never before. Offer your audience exactly what they want, when they want it, and pave the way to engaged users.