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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Cudo Compute enables you to analyse more data, backtest further and produce results faster with the ability to scale cost effectively and give you access to millions of TFLOPs of computation.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence technology have changed the way we approach most industries in recent years. Modernising businesses through the use of these technologies has become wide-spread, and is a key factor in their success.

The time and costs to build, train and deploy AI and ML simulations has historically been a timely and expensive option. Using Cudo Compute, you can cost effectively and quickly scale your solution to your requirements, saving you substantial time and money. This creates new levels of economics and enables you to create more accurate models.

The use cases for these technologies are endless and ever-growing. From market research and risk analysis in the retail sector, to content flagging and intelligent advertising for video streaming, or even predictive analysis and trend observation in the medical field, machine learning and AI are always one step ahead of the curve.



Reduce overhead and human intervention by allowing machine learning and AI to extract data from documents quickly and precisely. Translate those documents into a myriad of languages, reaching a worldwide audience, while giving your data a voice through intelligent text-to-speech. All of this is made possible with the cutting edge technology the Cudo Compute platform puts right at your fingertips.

AI applications

User Experience
Tailor your customer’s experience by analysing their behavior and interactions with your products. Personalisation is key, and with machine learning and artificial intelligence, personalisation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilising available user data.
Deep Analysis
Modernise your business’ analytics, using AI and ML to uncover trends before they happen. No matter what the business, these technologies can help decrease overhead by automating time consuming, manual tasks.

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