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Experience a new generation of cloud computing

Cloud computing has become a fundamental component of modern businesses. Cudo Compute virtual servers can run production clusters, build apps, render video and train machine learning models. Fields such as quantum chemistry and medical research have seen simulations become commonplace industry practice when developing materials and new pharmaceuticals.

Cudo Compute offers a wide range of compute services allowing our clients to fulfill their compute requirements, from development to deployment and scaling with all their applications and workloads, in a secure way.



  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Instant scale for true elasticity
  • Optional end-to-end encryption
  • A greener, more environmentally friendly way to compute
  • Deploy to any country, geography, or low latency location

Cudo Compute’s distributed workload model means businesses and individuals can save up to 10x compared to leading cloud platforms, such as AWS, with sellers earning a recurring passive revenue stream from otherwise wasted IT resource. It’s a greener, more sustainable model that truly embraces the sharing economy. 

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