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Computer Aided Engineering

In any field of engineering, simulations play an integral role, by allowing faster and more cost-effective development and testing. Traditionally, some simulations could take hours, days or perhaps even weeks to run to completion. Typically, simulations are done in order to improve stability, safety and longevity of machinery, but the uses of computer-aided engineering are nearly endless. From structural stress design, to semiconductor and fluid flow multiphysics simulations, CAE technology is becoming essential in prototype design.

Cudo Compute offers fast, reliable solutions within computer-aided engineering, for both theory and practice, in research and industry. With Cudo’s distributed computing network, backed by GPU and CPU support, user-friendly, cutting-edge technology is on your doorstep. This includes the most commonly used algorithms for finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as multibody dynamics (MBD), as well as for overall durability measuring and optimisations.

The benefits of using the Cudo Compute platform, as opposed to a centralised platform, is immense. Spreading the workload across a network of distributed hardware makes Cudo’s platform cost-effective and fast. Run simulations faster, discover faults sooner, and make well-informed decisions based on your data.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Not only is training CAE expensive, but on-premises computing hardware requires maintenance, power and space, or additional capital to outsource these requirements. Cudo offers an alternative to the outmoded way of going about CAE through its cloud platform.
Be the first one to the finish line, while ticking all of the appropriate boxes. Run the necessary simulations required to ensure the stability and safety of your product, efficiently and more cost-effectively, by decentralising and distributing the workloads.

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