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Make education more effective for teachers and students alike. With machine learning and AI, it is possible to create tools that help students from their first day of school to their last. Not only do students benefit from immersive and innovative teaching powered by real data, but also by giving their teachers the tools to effectively manage feedback and assignments.

From education technology to cost saving strategies, the Cudo Compute platform allows organizations to streamline, analyse and act on the data at their fingertips. Flexibility is key when usage has both peaks and valleys, and Cudo offers flexible, scalable infrastructure to be there when you need it.

Give the bright minds of tomorrow what they need to go above and beyond. Research in education is one of the areas where the Cudo Compute platform is most applicable. From AI and machine learning to suss out and analyse problems, to hardcore number crunching in the lab, Cudo Compute allows its users to stand at the cutting edge of learning.

Campus management, marking assignments, e-learning and analytics are all pieces of a larger puzzle within education technology. Further, security and compliance are major considerations in this field. The Cudo Compute platform offers a secure, private platform to house your customer’s data.
Gathering and reporting on student data to determine trends in education is nothing new, however, with Cudo you are presented with the big picture. From a student’s first day to their graduation, analyse performance and give your students the best possible education for their needs.