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Financial Services

Innovate and transform your financial services business with the Cudo Compute platform, through the use of data analysis, data redundancy and highly performant computing power. Gain access to persistent storage and perform simulations in a fraction of the time, identifying risks, opportunities and possible optimisations within your business.

Minimise the need for dedicated IT knowledge just to run your business the way it should be run. Built-in microservices allow businesses to have far better visibility of their customers, employees and overall operational procedures.


Dispersed Computing
By utilizing disparate computing power, it is possible to increase the speed and scalability of the organisation’s compute workloads.
Store, process and analyse big data with the Cudo Compute platform. Do complex calculations and output visualisations from the data gathered.
In terms of data storage, as well as hosted applications, there is redundancy throughout, allowing for seamless business continuity.
Emerging Technologies
Using blockchain and smart contract technology, enable your business to stay current by enabling transactions in the emerging world of token economies.