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Building, deploying and scaling backends for games has never been easier than with the Cudo Compute platform. Game development is not only made simpler, but is more user-centred than ever, with the help of complex analysis of the data gathered from your users. Predict behaviour, detect cheating and proactively determine trends, allowing better marketing decisions to be made.

Give your employees the best tools for the job. Use the Cudo Compute platform to render game assets, spreading huge workloads over the dispersed computing network in order to reduce render times multifold. Improve QA practices by automating frequently performed tests. Let developers spend more time developing engaging content for your games, rather than managing systems.

Use machine learning to detect patterns in your data. Use these findings to predict player conduct, uncover cheating and discover player trends.
Build seamless cross-platform backends, automate testing and use built-in functionality, like leaderboards, to interact with and delight the player.
Make educated decisions about your players by staying informed about your data. Track, analyse and visualise data in meaningful ways.
Reach and keep your audience engaged for longer by minimising lead time to updates and integrating with a variety of popular broadcasting mediums.