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Health & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries around the world are becoming more and more digital, which means the need to store, consume and analyse data is ever-growing. Cudo Compute is approaching these needs much like the well-known cloud platforms available, with marked advantages for these industries.

Optimise employee operations, improve patient health outcomes and lower overall maintenance costs associated with in-house hardware. Develop cross-channel experiences for patients and employees and delight these users at each touch point with the Cudo Compute platform.

Cudo Compute offers storage solutions for the large amounts of data that these industries handle. Persistent online storage for patient, facility and research data.
Develop, test and trial new pharmaceuticals more efficiently and increase customer service quality by automating frequently performed tasks.
AI and Machine Learning
Use AI and machine learning to facilitate advanced analytics, which could identify trends in patient data for early warning notifications.
Lower Costs
Avoid on-site hardware maintenance costs. Lower the costs of data science, thereby lowering the barrier to entry for healthcare providers to perform big data analysis.