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Medical Research

Perform advanced research quickly by dispersing the computing power needed across a grid of devices. Uncover patterns in your data through rigorous analysis, all accelerated through distributed computing. Cudo Compute allows you to optimise wherever needed, because machine learning and AI allow you to focus on what is important, be that financial, medical or operational trends.

Cudo provides a cost-effective, flexible, scalable substitution for in-house infrastructure through its distributed network. This means genome analysis can be duplicated for accuracy. It means we can focus on finding promising drug targets, and perform more efficient clinical trials. Really, it means that breakthroughs are always just around the corner.

Store patient data in a smart, secure, and efficient way. Whether you are migrating into the cloud or just shifting your weight, the Cudo Compute platform offers storage solutions to fit even the biggest R&D infrastructure.

Computing in the biomedical industry has been, some say, monolithic in structure. Cudo gives researchers the tools to distribute that workload, and make discoveries happen more frequently and with better analysis. This means more data is going to the people who will use it best.
Data analysis through machine learning and AI on a distributed network allows researchers to uncover patterns and causality in the data they gather. This means they are gaining insight into the world of clinical research like never before, increasing the predictability of illnesses multifold.