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Communication service providers must make their way to the edge if they want to remain relevant in today’s tech climate, amidst all of the competition. Mobile edge computing combines telecoms and information technology, reducing network congestion by allowing processing to occur closer to the mobile customer. This means it is easier, and more cost effective, to deploy new services. Edge computing on mobiles is in its infancy, however the benefits are clear, with proposed applications such as content delivery, mobile big data analytics, and perhaps most exciting of all, IoT.

Customer centred experiences are at the heart of every organisation. By improving the customer’s journey with data-driven choices, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, you are giving your customers and employees the best opportunity to have a positive experience. Predictive analytics allow you to personalise every interaction, tailor-fitting your customer’s experience.

Put the infrastructure in the hands of your customers by distributing the workloads and placing them closer to the point of consumption. Lower infrastructure costs and increase flexibility.
The mobile edge gives way to the Internet of Things, allowing people to connect to the world around them. Cudo’s distributed computing platform gives you the chance to show your customers there’s more to telecoms than telephony.
Machine Learning
From improving the customer experience to predicting network downtime, and automatically optimising bandwidth, machine learning and AI dispersed across a network of devices, the distribution model is the future of computing.