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Travel & Transport

Within the travel industry, personalising customer experiences is key. Gathering and analysing data using AI and machine learning, in order to tailor marketing and recommendations to a customer, creates a fully user-centred experience. Improve a customer’s experience with your business by anticipating and resolving issues more quickly, through automating frequently performed processes, such as looking up a customer’s flight details, or inputting a customer’s personal details.

Let your employees focus on what is important to the business, rather than the tools they need to complete the tasks. Stop devoting resources to maintaining IT infrastructure. Automate data analysis in order to improve employee efficiency and optimise operations.

IoT allows businesses in the travel and transport industries to integrate their user data into a cross-channel user experience, connecting the offline world to the digital world, giving businesses the opportunity to interact and educate a customer at the right time, at any touch point.

Trend Modelling
Not only can you improve the time spent modelling trends in your data, but you can make more useful, efficient decisions based off these trends. Make more relevant recommendations and prevent losing customers before they complete their journey.
Use big data analysis to make practical adjustments to your business and the operations that surround it. In the case of the travel and transport industries, ensuring vehicles have fuel and maintenance crews are on-site when needed are only a couple of the operational functions that must be monitored.