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With the Cudo Compute platform it is possible to run operations without devoting resources to building and maintaining IT hardware and software, instead focusing all resources on the core business objectives. Allowing utility businesses to focus on delivering the best possible customer experience, Cudo Compute aims to improve operational and cost efficiency, while maintaining safety and reliability.

Automating laborious tasks not only saves on time, increasing productivity, but it improves safety as well. Storage replication ensures easy recovery of data in the case of failures, and built-in microservices allow developers to quickly produce reliable software, allowing utilities to receive crucial software updates more frequently.

IoT allows for the collection and exchange of data from otherwise offline devices. Industrial IoT devices, such as those that monitor utilities, deliver much of the data that these businesses will amass.
As with any SCADA system, field devices such as temperature sensors are employed. These sensors are used to collect, monitor and maintain industrial processes.
Much like sensors, control elements are used to control aspects of a SCADA system. Control elements can be used to perform actions on a given system and must be monitored and maintained remotely.