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Video Production

Content creation is both laborious and heavy, in terms of storage capacity and computing power needed. With Cudo Compute, it is possible to disperse these heavy tasks over a network of computing power. Render VFX or animations on the platform in a fraction of the time. Automate metadata generation and use image recognition to flag inappropriate content.

With the Cudo Compute platform your business can make distribution easier by decentralising the media and using the vast amounts of data gathered through complex analytics, making well-informed production and marketing decisions become second nature.

Cloud-based Studio
Accelerate content production and deliver it to the appropriate audiences, at the most opportune time. Store, process and distribute your content from the Cudo Compute platform.
What could take days on an in-house hardware farm could potentially take mere minutes on the platform, dispersing the workload across a myriad of machines.
Machine Learning
Use machine learning to verify content before it goes live, flagging inappropriate or poorly produced content for reconsideration.