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Video Rendering

The quality of your video production and rendering is down to the amount of compute and time you have available within the budget for your production. With rendering becoming more and more sophisticated, you face the challenge of meeting higher quality work for 4K and 8K production. We realise this is usually a compromise of time, budget and quality.

The Cudo Compute platform opens those doors up by decentralising the network of computing power. With the ability to monetise the thousands upon thousands of under-utilised GPUs and CPUs around the globe, the Cudo network can be used to render productions faster and more cost effectively than has been possible before. This will give individual artists and large corporations alike the ability to produce higher quality work.

Using Cudo you are able to scale your video rendering to 100’000s of GPUs and CPUs faster and more cost effectively. Our partners in the Cudo marketplace can scale your rendering jobs faster than was previously possible, enabling you to render your entire production easily overnight or in a matter of hours.

Scalability is key when the workload varies. With this new elastic computing power, you never have to worry whether a render job will finish in time for a deadline, when the hardware requirements scale to fit your needs.

Avoid overpriced render farm bills, pressures of short render times or dedicated IT teams just to keep and maintain the equipment needed to do your business. With distributed computing, your infrastructure is everywhere, ready to be used for high powered computing. You can select to run purely in the security certified data center environments.
If you have spare computing capacity when you are not rendering or designing, then Cudo can monetise this for you, allowing you to spend those funds when you need to outsource your rendering, which can in turn be free rendering.

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