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Video Streaming

High quality, low-latency content delivered straight to your viewers. Scale to worldwide audiences, with dispersed teams collaborating across the globe. Use machine learning and AI to analyse and personalise content, in order to gain viewers and keep them tuned in.

Cudo Compute gives content creators and content marketers the opportunity to understand their audience like never before. Offering your audience exactly what they want, when they want it, paves the way to engaged users.

With viewers expecting to be able to consume any media, anywhere, anytime, companies and individuals that serve up this media have begun to feel the impact of this growing trend. Cudo allows them to rest easy, knowing that their data is secure, resilient and always available.

A flexible, balanced cloud means you never have to wonder if more viewers means lower quality. Cudo Compute grows and scales alongside your business, so you’re always prepared for the next viral moment.
Intelligent video means you are always one step ahead, gathering and analysing data, allowing Cudo to detect objectionable content and scene changes, meaning your content can be tailored to your specific audience.
From live streaming to video-on-demand streaming, Cudo has cost effective solutions, so that you can offer your worldwide audience the best possible video and content quality.