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Distributed computing:
The next evolution in computing

Cloud services are an extremely powerful tool which is becoming increasingly popular. These services are expensive however, and with their expected growth they also have a big ecological impact. Distributed computing extends the cloud idea to edge and user devices, in order to reduce the need for massive server rooms and to facilitate the access to these new technologies. This will not only translate into a great reduction of the cost of these services, but also on rewards to the users for contributing to the network.


Why use Cudo Compute?

Cudo Compute’s distributed workload model means businesses and individuals can save up to 10x compared to leading cloud platforms such as AWS on one side, with sellers earning a reoccurring passive revenue stream for otherwise wasted IT resource. It’s a greener, more sustainable model that truly embraces the sharing economy.

How does Cudo Compute work?

With an abundance of underutilised processing power, storage and bandwidth, we enter a new revolution in computing; bringing computing back to the edge.

Cudo Compute provides a marketplace for blockchain computation, enabling any business or individual to monetise or consume IT resource for workloads such as rendering, scientific research, data analysis and cryptocurrency mining. The platform is ideal for parallel, scaleout and batch based processing.

By securely connecting the buyers project with the sellers IT equipment in a truly elastic way, ensures both parties benefit financially.

The Applications of Compute

Cloud computing already uses around 20 million servers, and this number is rapidly increasing. By adding to the network the billions of electronic devices that are spread around the world, distributed computing is the bridge to the mass-adoption of this revolutionary technology. Some of the applications of Distributed Computing include:

Medical data

Allow healthcare professionals around the world to access our data in order to make faster and better informed decisions by creating a secure network that contains all our health information, while still providing the current cloud solutions

Medical modelling

Facilitate the knowledge sharing and cooperation between industry and academia, as well as increase the health centre’s revenue by including them in a network which will potentially give them access to the latest technologies

Batch processing

Greatly increase the efficiency of automatic data collection and processing, by distributing all workloads to idle computing power around the world and making use of optimal (AI) scripts

Machine Learning

Provide artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to a broader audience, promoting fair competition in different industry sectors and improving everyday decision-making processes


Help individuals and sector leaders alike to edit, render and stream any kind of media, not only providing the necessary computing power but also facilitating its exposure on the most popular sites