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Who We Are

Sometimes, to build a better world, we need to tear the old one down. Cloud computing is essential for businesses and individuals, but at Cudo Compute, we want to create a better way of harnessing technology for value to businesses, communities and the environment. At Cudo Compute, our purpose is building a more sustainable and equitable world with cloud computing. The technology platform we provide builds revenue streams for individuals and businesses, and also creates a more sustainable compute resource for organisations.

We believe a better working world is one where economic growth is sustainable and equitable. We work continuously to improve the quality of all of our solutions, investing in our people and innovation. From the partners we work with through to the clients we support – Cudo Compute make it our first priority to create value for those in the world around us.

I’ve been fortunate to witness the rise of cloud computing, and to have helped businesses thrive through effective utilisation of cloud-based service. Now, as the industry prepares to enter its next phase, I look forward to introducing enterprises to the many benefits distributed computing has to offer. The Cudo team is committed to realising this vision and I’m confident that products like Cudo Compute will serve a vital role in Web 3.0, helping to foster a fairer and more efficient internet where privacy and open access are guaranteed.

Matt Hawkins, CEO and Founder.