A fairer cloud
for everyone

Easily deploy virtual machines on the world’s first democratised cloud platform.

The public cloud, as you know it, is owned by just three major companies

We think the public cloud should be owned by everyone.

A public cloud owned by everyone brings significant benefits


Access distributed infrastructure at the edge.


Select from a diverse range of GPUs and CPUs.


Benefit from a competitive marketplace.

What is Cudo's role in this?

We’ve built a platform from the ground up with fairness in mind.

Edge computing

Data centers from around the world available for everyone to use.

Hardware variety

Use diverse hardware at a fraction of the cost of existing cloud providers.


A streamlined experience for CLI users and an easy-to-use web console for everyone else.

We're working hard to make our platform even fairer

Check out our roadmap.


  • Self-service sign up, automated billing and payments
  • Deploy, connect & manage virtual machines
  • Define virtual machine startup scripts
  • SSH Key support
  • Manage infrastructure via Web Console, CLI tool, API
    and Terraform provider
  • Marketplace, Web Console and CLI tool
  • Manual data center onboarding
    see our requirements
  • Supplier monetization features


  • Semi-automated supplier onboarding
  • Supplier self-install ISO/USB image
  • Automated invoicing
  • Public data center pages
  • Support for Windows OS images
  • Additional storage options


  • Fully automated data center onboarding
  • Bring your own custom images
  • Kubernetes, containers, and Firecracker
  • Much, much more we can’t talk about yet


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