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Rent your spare capacity and increase ROCI by up to 50%

What kind of suppliers are we looking for?

Are you an extended service provider (xSP), a hoster, or a data centre offering bare metal servers (ideally with GPUs) wanting to rent your spare capacity and increase your ROCI? Monetise your available resources and get a new revenue stream for your business.

Localised/niche suppliers

Localised/niche suppliers suppliers can extend their market reach beyond their core penetration without cannibalising margins from existing customers. Becoming part of the extensive coverage offered through Cudo Compute will enable these providers to sidestep geographic limitations and compete with large or hyper-scale compute capacity providers as part of Cudo’s broader, more holistic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

Mid-sized International

For mid-sized international suppliers, Cudo can offer an additional revenue stream. Our distributed compute service enables providers to monetise their underutilised assets. We accomplish this through a distinct channel to market (distributed compute) whilst minimising the cannibalisation of their existing centralised cloud customers.

Edge Providers

Coverage is key in edge computing, and no single supplier has coverage that suits all requirements. For example, some providers are strong in the US but weaker in Europe, Asia and South America. Joining the Cudo Compute distributed cloud enables these providers to generate extra revenue across their nodes, satisfying broader global requirements that they would be unable to meet alone.

Crypto Miners

Miners will principally benefit from increased revenue and stability. Miners experience lower returns on blockchain mining due to the shift away from Proof of Work (PoW) toward Proof of Stake (PoS). Market volatility compounds the problem. This makes the higher returns available from leasing high-powered GPU capacity through Cudo Compute a compelling proposition.

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“We share Cudo’s commitment to building a sustainable future for the cloud, and by working together, we’re aiming to accelerate the adoption of decentralised cloud solutions and support a wide range of endeavours, including scientific advancement.”


Tobias Adler

CEO & Founder, Nucocloud

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