On-demand cloud

Virtual machines

Powerful virtual machines, available at scale

Use cases

General purpose

Designed to handle a wide range of workloads, providing a balanced mix of CPU, memory, and storage resources.

Compute optimised

With prioritised CPU capacity, these VMs are built for compute-intensive tasks such as data processing and analytics.

Memory optimised

A high memory-to-CPU ratio of these VMs ensures optimal performance for memory-intensive applications.

GPU accelerated

Purpose-built for high-performance computing, these VMs are designed to handle the most demanding workloads.

Why CUDO Compute?

Our virtual machines offer a balanced mix of performance, customisation, and ease of deployment. Get anything from general-purpose to CPU or GPU-optimised virtual servers that are configurable, scalable, and don't cost the earth.

Deploy and scale in no time

Easily deploy your virtual machines from a number of pre-built instances running on Windows or Linux OS. You can launch a virtual server in seconds from the UI, Compute Platform API, or via our Terraform provider.

You can also spin up private images from your running virtual machines, enabling rapid deployment of customised applications and configurations. With private images, you can also maintain version control of your application, which is especially useful for development and testing scenarios.

Deploy and scale in no time
Fine-tune resources to match your workloads

Fine-tune resources to match your workloads

Our virtual machine specifications are highly configurable, enabling you to tailor resources to meet your application requirements. You can adjust CPU cores, memory power, storage capacity, and network configurations to optimise performance and allocate the precise resources your workloads need. This granularity, when it comes to resource allocation, allows you to avoid over-provisioning (or under-provisioning); optimising both performance and cost.

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