NVIDIA A100: Cutting-edge Cloud GPU for Deep Learning

The NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU is a highly advanced graphics processing unit (GPU) specially designed to accelerate deep learning workloads. The A100 delivers cloud-based acceleration available at every scale and on demand, so you don’t have to buy or rent expensive hardware resources to run your AI applications. Ensure your access to NVIDIA A100 GPUs from anywhere and anytime - reserve your resources now!

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Use cases

Machine learning is rapidly growing, and traditional CPUs can't get up to speed with today's computing demands. As a result, organizations need a solution to effectively tackle these challenges.

Cudo Compute offers the NVIDIA A100 Cloud GPUs available now to spin up quickly and scale on demand. The NVIDIA A100 GPU’s advanced features and capabilities deliver lightning-fast acceleration of deep learning workloads and data processing.


GPU memory 80GB HBM2e (1.9 TB/s bandwidth)
Starting from $1.67/hr
  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural language processing (NLP) tasks are computationally demanding, especially on large language models. The NVIDIA A100 GPU eliminates the complexity of building, training and running machine learning workloads, delivering cost-effective performance at any scale.

  • Scientific Research & Simulation

    Researchers, engineers, and analysts can utilize the NVIDIA A100 cloud-based GPU to accelerate simulation workloads. The A100 delivers unparalleled acceleration to run AI workloads, perform HPC simulation & modelling, and accelerate the database at any scale.

  • Content Creation

    Content creators, including artists, designers, and engineers, use the NVIDIA A100 GPU to generate intricate visualizations, simulations, and animations. The A100 seamlessly renders lifelike graphics, ensuring accurate simulation results and greater performance at an incredibly low price point.

Cudo Compute: Accessible GPU rental

Industry demand for HPC resources has grown exponentially, driven by the explosion in ML training, deep learning, and AI inference applications. This growth has made it challenging for organizations to rent GPU resources or even buy some powerful data center and workstation GPUs.

Whether your field is data science, machine learning, or any high-performance computing on GPU, getting started is simple. Start using many of our HPC resources today, or reserve powerful data center GPUs to ensure you have the capacity to empower your developers and delight your customers.

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