NVIDIA RTX A6000: The highly-efficient GPU for AI workloads

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 balances high-performance with cost-effectiveness to provide GPU power for a range of machine learning and inference applications. When you need to train new AI applications and deploy them for live production use, the RTX A6000 GPU can deliver a powerful performance at a highly-competitive price; what’s more, it’s available to get started today!

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Use cases

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 is now available in a low-cost cloud GPU rental plan, with instant access to high-performance access. In addition to the A6000 rental option, the Cudo Compute GPU and HPC marketplace provides instant access to a range of other high-performance cloud server instances in seconds.

Our research shows that not every AI/ML business requires H100, A100 or similar data center GPU platforms in early phases, with many AI training and inference applications suffering launch delays due to global supply issues. With Cudo Compute, you can start building your applications immediately and reserve additional hard-to-find GPU capacity to future-proof your growth ambitions.


GPU memory 48GB GDDR6 (768 GB/s bandwidth)
Starting from $0.78/hr
  • Content Creation

    Creators and producers utilize the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU to enhance their artistic and rendering workflows. The HPC power available when you rent an RTX A6000 GPU for video editing, 3D modelling, or graphic design, speeds up render times, delivering faster iterations and greater efficiency.

  • Data Processing

    Many diverse organizations can deploy the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU to process immense datasets, such as when training AI/ML models. This HPC cloud resource also makes running inference workloads and real-time analytics faster to deliver amazing customer and user experiences.

  • Gaming and Simulation

    End-users and developers can benefit greatly from renting the highly-efficient NVIDIA RTX A6000 cloud-based GPU. The RTX A6000’s ability to seamlessly render lifelike graphics boosts immersive gaming experiences and ensures accurate simulation results at an incredibly low price point.

Cudo Compute: Accessible GPU rental

Industry demand for HPC resources has grown exponentially, driven by the explosion in ML training, deep learning, and AI inference applications. This growth has made it challenging for organizations to rent GPU resources or even buy some powerful data center and workstation GPUs.

Whether your field is data science, machine learning, or any high-performance computing on GPU, getting started is simple. Start using many of our HPC resources today, or reserve powerful data center GPUs to ensure you have the capacity to empower your developers and delight your customers.

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