NVIDIA V100: The ultimate cloud GPU for AI & graphics

NVIDIA V100 is the most advanced data centre GPU in the market today, and it’s now available for rapid deployment on Cudo Compute. Powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture, V100 is designed to accelerate the most complex workloads, such as machine learning, deep learning, 3D rendering, and high-performance computing (HPC).

The NVIDIA V100 GPU is a perfect choice for engineers, designers, data scientists, and researchers across various industries to hit top-notch performance and speed benchmarks.

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Get instant access to cloud-based NVIDIA V100 GPU in the Cudo Compute marketplace. In addition to the rapid deployment of V100 instances, our HPC marketplace offers a range of other high-performance cloud GPUs and CPUs.

With data centre grade V100, you can complete training or rendering jobs rapidly, accelerating time to market and overcoming global supply issues. Sign up for Cudo Compute and start building your application immediately, scale up or down at any time.


GPU memory 16GB HBM2 (900 GB/s bandwidth)
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  • Deep Learning

    Powered by high memory bandwidth and VRAM, V100 is an exceptional choice for training complex neural network models, especially those requiring large datasets.

  • 3D Rendering

    Built for rendering complex scenes and simulations, V100 can handle detailed textures and models due to its industry-leading memory bandwidth specifications.

  • High-Performance Computing

    NVIDIA V100 is compatible with mixed-precision computing (FP16 & FP32), accelerating scientific simulations and computations that require high throughput.

  • Data Analytics

    With exceptional bandwidth and memory capacity, the V100 GPU is designed to handle large-scale data processing workloads

Cudo Compute: Hard-to-find GPU rental

While HPC workloads are exponentially growing in complexity, so are the industry demands for hard-to-find GPU platforms, such as H100, A100, and V100. The rapid growth in machine learning, deep learning, and AI inference applications has made it challenging for businesses to rent or procure GPUs due to global supply issues.

Cudo Compute is the first distributed cloud platform, purpose-built to overcome supply chain issues by bringing together global HPC suppliers in one intuitive marketplace. With the Cudo Compute marketplace, you can rent cloud GPUs with no upfront investment, reducing total cost of ownership and time to market.

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