High-performance GPU & CPU in the cloud for AI and machine learning

Run training and inference workloads while achieving blazing performance for your most demanding AI models. CUDO Compute gives you access to powerful GPU and CPU instances available in many locations worldwide and at low cost.

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Accessible HPC resources to accelerate AI/ML workloads

With the rise of AI and HPC demand and ongoing GPU supply-chain challenges, it's getting harder for organisations to acquire high-performance compute resources to build, train and run AI models.

CUDO Compute solves supply-chain problems with its distributed cloud platform that offers instant and on-demand access to a wide range of cloud-based CPU and GPU resources. You can buy or rent the HPC power you need instantly through the CUDO Compute marketplace and run computing workloads at any scale.

  • High-performance

    Deliver blazing performance and efficiency for your AI/ML projects to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds.

  • Cost-effective

    Get instant access to industry-leading cloud GPU and CPU resources available at competitive prices and on-demand.

  • Sustainable

    Consume under-utilised capacity from around the globe without having to worry about hardware maintenance or upgrades.

Revolutionising AI with decentralised cloud

Run training and inference workloads without compromising power, speed and budget. With our decentralised cloud platform, you can access a wide range of cutting-edge GPUs and CPUs to build AI applications with greater efficiency and a highly affordable price point.

Easily spin up or down instances to match your changing HPC processing needs and budget. Our distributed cloud marketplace puts you in control of your AI/ML workloads by offering idle HPC resources delivered by data centre suppliers from around the world.