GPU & CPU capacity in the cloud for high-performance computing

Rent or reserve cloud-based GPUs & CPUs, purpose-built for high-performance workloads in many locations worldwide. Deploy instantly or Reserve top-tier HPC resources to satisfy the most demanding, large-scale applications.

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A platform tailored to large-scale applications

You no longer have to buy or rent a top-of-the-range bare metal to run your deep learning workloads or complex simulations – with CUDO Compute your infrastructure can be anywhere in the world, hosted and maintained for you in highly-secure data centre environments.

The requirement for HPC workloads has increased dramatically in recent years, and the trend keeps growing. The CUDO Compute marketplace offers a choice of industry-leading GPUs and CPUs to deliver unparalleled processing power to demanding workloads, such as AI inference and training, 3D rendering, blockchain, and many more.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Choose from the range of highly advanced GPUs & CPUs specially designed to accelerate machine learning workloads.

  • 3D rendering

    Render your productions faster and more cost-effectively with under-utilised resources from our global marketplace.

  • Blockchain

    Leverage cloud-based GPUs & CPUs to satisfy blockchain networks and complex application requirements.

Distributed computing to accelerate product development lifecycle

Launching a product to the market at the right time has never been more important than now. The unprecedented demand for emerging technologies, such as AI, requires quick go-to-market so that you can learn from early adoption and establish a competitive edge.

CUDO Compute allows you to run all of your HPC workloads without an upfront investment in dedicated hardware and IT teams, speeding up the product development and launch lifecycle. And when your application demands fluctuate, you can scale the amount of resources up or down to fit your needs and budget.

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