Getting started with high-performance computing

High-performance computing

You no longer have to buy or rent a top-of-the-range bare metal to run your deep learning workloads or complex simulations - many cloud providers offer virtual machines tailored to high-performance computing.

The requirement for HPC workloads has increased dramatically in recent years, and this will only grow. While historically, the HPC market has always been dictated by processor power, more recently, it's clear that adequate memory and other system resources are required to handle the huge data sets that need to be processed.

Using the cloud for your high-performance computing workloads is super convenient compared to more traditional methods, where having to wait months to have bare metal servers built, configured and shipped massively increased the product development lifecycle.

Why Cudo Compute for high-performance computing?

Cudo Compute allows you to run all of your HPC workloads without investing CAPEX on high-performance hardware that sits idle outside of office hours. Using the cloud to run HPC workloads is more convenient and allows you to pay only for the hours that you use it.

Cudo Compute has pre-determined package sizes optimally created for HPC workloads to ensure there are adequate system resources available, no matter your use case.

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