Our technical requirements to join the network as a supplier.

We have the following technical requirements to join our network as a supplier:

  1. For the deployment of server infrastructure on our platform, it is required to commit a minimum of 5 bare-metal hosts. These hosts should be of the same or similar specification.
  2. Each bare-metal host should be of the following minimum specifications:
    • x86 based, Intel or AMD 16-core processor (or greater) with VT-x or AMD-V enabled
    • 64GB Memory (or greater)
    • 1 x 128GB SSD or larger (OS boot volume)
    • At least 1 x 2TB SSD or larger (minimum 1 DWPD endurance rating) capacity disk. Multiple capacity disks are supported.
    • 2 x 1GbE NICs (2 x 10GbE recommended)
    • iDRAC/iLO/IPMI out-of-band management interface (for onboarding)
  3. A minimum block of 32 (/27) publicly routable IPv4 addresses that can be presented directly to the bare-metal hosts (without firewalling or NAT).
  4. VLAN (802.1q) capable switching infrastructure.
  5. Public pricing and partner discounted pricing OR if you are providing existing capacity into the network, the pricing to make available to the marketplace.

If you have any questions around these requirements, please reach out to [email protected]