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Cudo Compute is based on the sharing economy model. In essence, we connect buyers of compute power with suppliers of spare computing capacity.

With an abundance of underutilised processing power, storage and bandwidth, we enter a new revolution in computing; bringing computing back to the edge.

Cudo Compute provides a marketplace for distributed computation, enabling any business or individual to monetise or consume IT resource for workloads such as rendering, scientific research, data analysis and cryptocurrency mining. The platform is ideal for parallel, scale-out and batch-based processing. By securely connecting the buyers project with the seller’s IT equipment in a truly elastic way, ensures both parties benefit financially. Data centres, service providers, businesses and even individuals can now monetise their idle hardware by filling spare capacity for a better return on hardware investment.

Data Centers
Cudo Compute is delighted to partner with data centres around the world to support them in filling their empty footprint or network capacity. Find out how we connect our data centre network to new sources of revenue.
Service Providers
Cudo Compute will generate new revenue by sending you premium cloud jobs during times of underutilisation. Offset depreciating asset costs and increase profitability without compromising security or performance.
Gaming PCs and consoles have high end CPUs and GPUs. Gamers can earn in Playstation, Steam, Xbox or other vouchers, in exchange for your spare computing time.
Integrate Cudo Compute's engine into your applications to monetise devices' spare computing capacity. If you are a games company, you can integrate our compute engine into your games or platforms.

To learn how to monetise your spare capacity or enable your customers to monetise theirs, please register your interest.