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Data Centers

As a datacentre owner and reseller over two decades, we understand the competitive nature of the industry, the huge upfront capex and the often-lengthy time on return.

Cudo is here to help, providing datacentres with a new and unique way to generate revenue streams whilst you wait for your facility to fill.


A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Through our platform, consumers are able to select the level of security they require for their compute workloads. With higher premium workloads available for compliant data centre environments, Cudo provides the best paying non-contracted cloud customers for your spare space and bandwidth, on demand and without the need for a sales and marketing team.

Are you ISO 27001, SAS70, MPAA or other? Get in touch to see how we can help you.

How to Engage with Cudo Compute

Depending on your billing model, you may have subscribed and paid for power through wholesale or retail customer contracts that are currently being under-utilised. Cudo can advise what hardware to invest in to provide you with the best return, based on the cloud workloads that the Cudo platform will automatically push through to your hardware. ROIs from as low as 12 months present a huge opportunity for a datacentre.

How does it work?

Think Uber. Cudo matches the buyer of compute to the seller through a software defined ecosystem. The profit engine at the core of the technology intelligently pairs the consumers security, performance and locational needs to the suitable servers on the Cudo network. As a datacentre, you will be able to receive data sensitive and enterprise workloads at a premium rate.




  • Cudo automatically pushes demand through. No need for sales or marketing
  • Cudo helps you to monetise a distressed asset; empty DC space
  • Guaranteed 24/7 demand
  • Can be scaled down or moved at anytime
  • Increased footprint utilisation equals lower PUE
  • Promote solution to your colo customers and resellers with under-utilised space and earn an ongoing referral revenue stream
  • 24/7 x 4 support


  • Single pane of glass monitoring and management platform
  • Full rack, heat and performance mapping akin to advanced datacentre management
  • Certification registration to accept premium paying jobs
  • Network deployment with Linux based CudoOS and Windows builds