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Cloud and Distributed Computing Pricing

Cudo Compute offers you maximum flexibility with how you purchase the computing power you need. From a simple ‘Pay as You Go’ pricing option, through to volume-based discounts, Cudo has pricing options for individuals and start-ups through to enterprises.

How do you pay for Cudo Compute?

If you have one-off or hard-to-predict compute needs or require a one-off purchase, PAYG is a great option.

Designed for individuals, students, start-ups and enterprises, PAYG allows you the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. This gives you the flexibility to use on demand based on your requirements no matter how big or small the workload. Enabling you to manage requirements with cash flow.
If you have more predictable compute requirements, our subscription model can provide you with discounts and still give you the peace of mind on flexibility.
If you have larger or ongoing compute needs, you’ll save on every compute workload that you require with a subscription. With monthly and annual plans available, you can enjoy huge savings without making a huge commitment and can cancel at any time.
Designed for individuals and organisations in need of stable and large compute, our Reserve model can provide you with volume-based discounts.
Massive capacity requirement? You can invest in reserved capacity upfront for the full term. Forecast your resource needs and make a 12 month or 24-month commitment on selected Cudo Compute services and pay up to 40% less. Business needs changed? Don’t worry, you can resell these in the marketplace.

Pricing models are set either based resources for instances / CPU, GPU, storage and bandwidth, or you can select the specific hardware you want to run on such as Threadripper 3990X or Xilinx U250 FPGA.

Generally the cost of compute is between 4 – 10x more cost effective than traditional scalable compute.

To learn how you can use Cudo Compute to reduce your computing costs, please contact us.