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Democratising AI with CUDO Compute and Dstack

Lars Nyman

Lars Nyman

CUDO Compute, the leading GPU virtual cloud marketplace specialising in AI computing, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Dstack.ai, an open-source platform designed for running AI workloads.

Why This Partnership Matters

This collaboration will offer CUDO Compute’s high-performance compute resources directly to Dstack’s user base, enhancing the capabilities of AI-driven projects.

Dstack’s users are all set to gain from the combined benefits of lower costs, increased efficiency, and broader resource accessibility CUDO's global infrastructure network provides.

Open source, the name of the game

Open source is shaping the future of AI/ML development. With Dstack, a single command can provision the necessary cloud resources, code, and environment for your dev setup. Its lightweight and specialised framework makes tasks such as training, fine-tuning scripts, or other batch jobs easier and quicker to execute.

Ease of use at scale

Dstack excels at simplifying the development, training, and deployment of AI models on any cloud. Emphasising an easy-to-manage AI infrastructure, Dstack allows users to provision necessary cloud resources, code, and development setup environment with a single command. Training and fine-tuning scripts, or executing any other batch jobs, have never been easier.

CUDO Compute assures greater GPU availability, a key component in powering AI activities. Additionally, CUDO Compute enables substantially lower costs for users in comparison to public cloud services, courtesy of our globally accessible cloud resources.

"We fundamentally believe in democratising AI/ML for everyone," stated Pete Hill, VP of Sales at CUDO Compute. "This partnership with Dstack is a reflection of exactly that, as we aim to enable cost-effective, scalable, and ease of access to high-performance compute from around the globe. By combining our infrastructure with Dstack’s seamless platform, our goal is to simplify how businesses approach AI tasks and services."

Combining Dstack's practical and user-friendly platform with CUDO Compute’s cost-efficient and powerful resources marks a big step forward in the journey toward democratising AI/ML resources on a global scale.

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