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CUDO Compute Development Update - Q4 2023

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman

Hi everyone - it’s been a while since we pushed out an update on the new and upcoming features on CUDO Compute, so as we start to lock in the final features and improvements for 2023, I wanted to give everyone a bit of a product update.

Recent Releases

Resize virtual machine functionality

We have added the ability to upgrade the vCPU, RAM and Disk of virtual machines on the platform, as well as being able to downgrade vCPU and RAM, and update the billing appropriately.

Detachable disks

We have added the ability to attach and detach disks from virtual machines. This gives us the ability to provide multiple disks per virtual machine at the same time, as well as being able to detach disks from one VM and reattach onto another.

Updated supplier revenue portal

For suppliers on the CUDO Compute platform, we recently pushed out to our Supplier portal providing information, usage metrics and revenue data on the data centers they run CUDO Compute on.

This helps our suppliers track usage and gives insights on when to expand and add more resources to the CUDO Compute platform.

Virtual machine metadata

We have added the ability to set metadata against virtual machines, which can allow users to parametrize workloads by associating values with virtual machines that can be accessed by external tooling.

Affiliate platform

The opportunity for users to sign up to an affiliate platform to receive 5% of the total bill for each user they direct to our platform for one year. Our affiliate platform is live now - check it out at https://www.cudocompute.com/affiliates/

Coming Soon

S3-compatible object storage

We will soon be adding an additional method of monetizing supplier storage capacity in data centers, by giving demand users the ability to create object storage buckets at the data centers of their choice.

This will be manageable by an S3-compatible API, as well as full file management by the CUDO Compute GUI.

PayPal support

As the next step in our new billing system we implemented earlier in the year, we will soon be supporting payments via Paypal on our platform.

Billable IP addresses

Suppliers will soon be able to monetize IP addresses consumed on CUDO Compute and offer cost savings to users who want to consume virtual machines with private IP addresses using our private networking functionality.

What’s next?

We will be updating our public roadmap ready to be distributed publicly in early Q1 next year, and will continue to provide updates via our social media and newsletter channels. We will be focusing on some really important investigation tasks over the festive period, researching items such as additional methods of supplier monetisation, Provisioning on external cloud platforms via API and offering Bare Metal options on the CUDO Compute platform.

About CUDO Compute

CUDO Compute is a fairer cloud computing platform for everyone. It provides access to distributed resources by leveraging underutilised computing globally on idle data centre hardware. It allows users to deploy virtual machines on the world’s first democratised cloud platform, finding the optimal resources in the ideal location at the best price.

CUDO Compute aims to democratise the public cloud by delivering a more sustainable economic, environmental, and societal model for computing by empowering businesses and individuals to monetise unused resources.

Our platform allows organisations and developers to deploy, run and scale based on demands without the constraints of centralised cloud environments. As a result, we realise significant availability, proximity and cost benefits for customers by simplifying their access to a broader pool of high-powered computing and distributed resources at the edge.

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