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Panchaea works with NVIDIA to power 3D internet’s future via CUDO Compute

CUDO Ventures

CUDO Ventures

Panchaea is teaming with NVIDIA and CUDO Compute to provide a sustainable and scalable solution to the world’s growing computing needs.

Panchaea has established itself as a leading hardware supplier for the data centre industry thanks to its existing relationship with NVIDIA. Panchaea provides high-end GPUs and bespoke servers needed to power bleeding-edge computing tasks such as deep learning, neural networks, and real-time 3D rendering.

By working with Panchaea and NVIDIA, CUDO Compute will accelerate its efforts to power the future of the web through distributed cloud computing. By helping data centers recycle their spare capacity, the CUDO Compute platform will pioneer a sustainable and efficient way to scale the world’s computing power.

This exciting three-way collaboration will ensure the cloud industry is ready for the next generation of immersive virtual worlds and AI-driven experiences. As Pete Overell, Founder and Sales Director of Panchaea, puts it: “Our robust supply network, connections, and relationships with major industry names like NVIDIA have helped us to support significant growth over the past two years. By working with Cudos, we’re helping to lay the foundation for an exciting digital future that puts the latest NVIDIA technology in the hands of the world.”

How Panchaea is powering the metaverse with NVIDIA

Over the coming years, the emerging metaverse will require a 1,000x increase in computing efficiency.

NVIDIA’s cloud-based virtual simulation tools and innovations in AI-powered 3D rendering with NVIDIA Omniverse are providing the foundational computing engine needed to build the metaverse. And given that the NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture boasts double the efficiency and 50% greater performance over prior generations, NVIDIA tackles the hardware needs, too.

By helping data centers access NVIDIA’s powerful new hardware, Panchaea is establishing the computing infrastructure the metaverse will need. Panchaea is a Preferred member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, having sold over 6,000 NVIDIA enterprise GPUs last year. With a sales journey that includes server specification and hosting consultation, thanks to Panchaea, it couldn’t be easier to upgrade to the latest NVIDIA technologies.

Through this exciting new collaboration, Panchaea will support Cudo’s commitment to ensuring that the metaverse can draw on a sustainable, robust and efficient source of computing power from a distributed and decentralised global supply.

CUDO Compute is set to transform the cloud industry

In his highly influential Metaverse Primer – Compute and the Metaverse section, Matthew Ball, stressed that the metaverse would require a host of technical innovations to make it a reality, including significant advances in compute.

Beyond the problem of computing demand outstripping supply, there are two other major issues Ball identifies – issues that the centralised cloud is ill-equipped to solve:

Optimising data centre usage. As Ball notes, “A cloud-gaming service might require 75,000 dedicated servers for the Cleveland area at 8 PM Sunday night, but only 4,000 at 4 AM Monday.” This fluctuating demand can lead to significant underutilisation.

Distributing compute closer to the edge. Only by placing compute tasks closer to end users is it possible to ensure low-latency, lag-free experiences in the metaverse. However, most large-scale providers rely on a small number of hyperscale centers, particularly for intensive computing tasks.

Not only are these significant issues, but the solutions seem to be in conflict: building more edge centers makes it even harder to optimise usage.

The industry needs to look beyond the centralised cloud model to solve this dilemma. By distributing compute tasks across a decentralised network in an automated way, CUDO will bring computing closer to the edge, leveraging spare capacity across a global network of data centers and underutilised devices. Not only will this help to increase efficiency and reduce latency, but it will also prevent damaging outages and significantly boost sustainability.

Thanks to this collaboration with Panchaea and NVIDIA, CUDO Compute will be able to maximise its offering to the data centre industry. The collaboration will help CUDO Compute encourage its suppliers to scale in edge computing locations powered by renewables. At the same time, Panchaea will provide a hardware consultancy layer for new and existing suppliers to network. Meanwhile, NVIDIA will offer engineering support to optimise the CUDO Compute network for performance workloads, including AI and metaverse/gaming servers.

With this latest addition to Cudos’ ever-growing network of collaborations and alliances, the company’s ambitions to power the 3D internet have received another significant boost. Pete Hill, Cudo’s VP of Sales, says: “This is an exciting time for Cudo, as we follow up the launch of our blockchain mainnet with our forthcoming decentralised cloud platform CUDO Compute. This incredible collaboration will help to make our vision of a sustainable and connected world a reality.”

About Panchaea

Panchaea is a leading supplier of high-performance computer systems and components, focusing on high-density data centre applications. Our turnkey approach to data centre hardware ownership sees Panchaea consulting customers on their application before specifying and supplying suitable products, whilst also offering data centre hosting and software options too.

Learn more: Website, LinkedIn

About CUDO Compute

CUDO Compute is a fairer cloud computing platform for everyone. It provides access to distributed resources by leveraging underutilised computing globally on idle data centre hardware. It allows users to deploy virtual machines on the world’s first democratised cloud platform, finding the optimal resources in the ideal location at the best price.

CUDO Compute aims to democratise the public cloud by delivering a more sustainable economic, environmental, and societal model for computing by empowering businesses and individuals to monetise unused resources.

Our platform allows organisations and developers to deploy, run and scale based on demands without the constraints of centralised cloud environments. As a result, we realise significant availability, proximity and cost benefits for customers by simplifying their access to a broader pool of high-powered computing and distributed resources at the edge.

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