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Participate in the CUDO Compute survey and win free vouchers

CUDO Ventures

CUDO Ventures

CUDO Compute is on a mission to harness spare computing capacity in data centers and other devices to create a decentralised cloud computing solution.

CUDO Compute is the Airbnb for sustainable computing. Like Airbnb’s marketplace, which allows owners to rent out their unused homes, CUDO facilitates businesses and individuals to lend their hardware’s unused compute to users and organisations that might need it.

The research and development team has been working on CUDO Compute over the past year and recently launched the alpha version.

In the rapidly changing cloud industry, CUDO Compute is on a mission to create a cloud computing platform that is sustainable and decentralised. Therefore, they would like to hear from you about your computing needs through a short survey.

The survey will help the platform understand the audience preferences in cloud computing. They are keen to know your requirements around CPU, GPU, network, storage, automation tools, in order to tailor the product to meet the market demand and create the future roadmap of CUDO Compute.

Earn rewards to participate

For your valuable input and time, CUDO Compute is rewarding three participants who provide the most comprehensive insights. These three winners will be randomly picked and win:

£1000 CUDO Compute voucher (to be used after the platform’s official launch) plus a £150 Amazon voucher each.

For CUDO Compute, the survey is an opportunity to get to know their audience’s needs and serve the community better.

Please complete the survey now for a chance to win rewards!

CUDO Compute’s alpha version

The alpha version of CUDO Compute is live, and the platform invites users to to sell/utilise our computing resources for free.

The key features part of the product’s alpha version include:

  • Ability to deploy workloads on virtual machines (VMs) using a set of pre-made templates
  • Manage VMs and fully control the applications and resources required through a simple UI
  • View performance metrics and carry out standard functionalities such as starting and stopping the application and rebooting VMs, all from the UI.

Learn more at www.cudocompute.com

About CUDO Compute

CUDO Compute is a fairer cloud computing platform for everyone. It provides access to distributed resources by leveraging underutilised computing globally on idle data centre hardware. It allows users to deploy virtual machines on the world’s first democratised cloud platform, finding the optimal resources in the ideal location at the best price.

CUDO Compute aims to democratise the public cloud by delivering a more sustainable economic, environmental, and societal model for computing by empowering businesses and individuals to monetise unused resources.

Our platform allows organisations and developers to deploy, run and scale based on demands without the constraints of centralised cloud environments. As a result, we realise significant availability, proximity and cost benefits for customers by simplifying their access to a broader pool of high-powered computing and distributed resources at the edge.

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