API Keys

API keys allow you to authenticate through our REST API and CLI tool.

View API keys

Clicking on the "API keys" sidebar item will allow you to see all of the API keys you have generated.

For security reasons, we will only reveal the key to you once, when you generate it. You will not be able to view it after you dismiss the create API key dialog.

API keys

Create an API key

Click "Create an API key" to show the Create API key dialog. Enter a name for your API key and click generate.

Create an API key

Once you have generated your API key, it will be shown in the dialog. You can click to copy it to your clipboard and dismiss once happy you have copied it somewhere safe.

Please ensure you keep this key private. API keys should not be exposed. Exposing this key will allow malicious actors to deploy infrastructure and incur costs on your project and billing account.

Generated API key

Delete an API Key

If you need to delete an API key. Click on the "Delete" button on the right-hand side of the API key you wish to delete. Then confirm deletion using the delete API key dialog.

Delete an API key