A guide on how to manage detachable disks on the Cudo Compute platform.


From the Cudo Compute project view, select "Disks" from the sidebar. Here you will be able to view and manage all detachable disks that have been created, allowing you to attach them, detach them, create additional disks and delete them.

Disks - Overview

Create disk

Click the "Create a disk" button in the top right hand corner. This will open a slideover where you should enter the name of your disk, the size you wish it to be and the data center you wish to create the disk in.

Once the disk has been created, you can attach it to any virtual machine in the same data center.

Disks - Create a disk

Attach disk

Any disk that is in the "Ready" state can be attached to a virtual machine in the same data center. Click on the 3 dots of the disk you wish to attach and select "Attach disk to virtual machine". This will open a dialog of a full list of your virtual machines - select the virtual machine you wish to attach the disk to and click "Attach disk".

You will now see the disk on the virtual machine page.

Disks - Attach disk

Detach disk

If the disk is already attached to a virtual machine, you can detach it by clicking on the 3 dots and select "Detach disk from virtual machine", you will be asked to confirm your action and then the disk will be detached from the VM, enabling it to be attached to another virtual machine.

Disks - Detach a disk

Delete a disk

You can only delete disks if they are not currently attached to virtual machines.

For any disks that are not attached, select the 3 dots and select "Delete disk". You will be asked to confirm this action by entering the name of your disk and then the disk will be immediately deleted and will no longer be charged for.

Disks - Delete