A guide on how to create and manage private images on the Cudo Compute platform.


Navigate to your project by clicking "Projects" on the sidebar and clicking on the project of your choice.

From here, you can select "Images" from the sidebar.

Project overview

If you haven't created any private images yet, you will see an empty list. You will also see all of the public images that are available to you. Project

Create a private image

To create a private image, you first need a virtual machine and a disk attached to it. See Create a virtual machine.

Create an image

Navigate to the virtual machine details page, find the disk that you want to create an image from and click "Create image from disk".

Please note that private images are charged at the storage rate for the data center that your image will be stored in.

Create an image filled out

  • Image ID - this is the name of your image, it must be unique
  • Description - this is a description of your image

Once you are happy, click "Create image" and your private image created.

Create an image confirmation

When your image has been created, you will see a confirmation message and be able to Create a new virtual machine using this disk image.

Viewing all images

From the images page, you can see all of the private and public images available to you.

  • For private images you'll be able to see the image ID, description, data center and size of the image.
  • For public images you'll be able to see the image name, ID, and size of the image.

Public images are available at all data centers.

Images list

Delete a private image

To delete a private image, click "Delete" on the private image that you want to delete.

You will only be able to delete a private image if no virtual machines are using it. See Delete a virtual machine.

Delete image

Deploy a virtual machine using your image

See Deploy a virtual machine.