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Integrate your virtual machine workloads with S3-compatible object storage volumes. Designed to store, access and recover any application data for a range of use cases.

Use cases

Backup & recovery

Object storage is a reliable and scalable backup solution, offering disaster recovery in case of data loss.

HPC workloads

Designed to handle data sets of high-performance computing applications, including big data, analytics, AI and ML.

Cloud-native applications

With virtually unlimited storage capacity, you can build and run demanding cloud-native apps at scale and with lower cost than many traditional storage options.

Decouple storage management from compute

Storage buckets can be created and attached to running virtual machines through the Compute platform's interface or API. In this way, you can manage storage separately from compute, ensuring workloads portability and data security.

Decoupled from each other, you can fine-tune your storage and compute resources individually, ensuring that you are not over-provisioning or under-provisioning either component.

Decouple storage management from compute
Store vast amounts of data and scale at ease

Store vast amounts of data at scale with ease

Designed with scalability in mind, S3-compatible object storage solutions let you store any amount of data without infrastructure constraints. You can seamlessly scale up or down as your storage requirements change, accommodating moderate and large workloads. By consuming storage as a separate service, decoupled from compute, you can optimise costs by only paying for the storage capacity you need.