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How the DGX H100 Accelerates AI Workloads

Emmanuel Ohiri

Emmanuel Ohiri

As the demand for more complex artificial Intelligence systems grows, traditional CPU-based systems struggle to meet the computational demand. Consequently, the necessity for GPU acceleration is growing more vital, making introducing the DGX H100 particularly significant.

The DGX H100 is a cutting-edge GPU system for AI applications. Its unparalleled performance and efficiency make it an ideal choice for organisations and researchers looking to accelerate their AI training and inference processes.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the DGX H100, covering its key features, performance, and its use as a server. By the end of this article, readers will have a clear understanding of the DGX H100's capabilities and potential impact on the AI industry. So, let's dive in and explore the world of GPU acceleration with the DGX H100.

Why GPU is used in AI development

We have previously discussed how GPU acceleration uses graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate AI workloads, including training and inference processes. Compared to traditional CPU-based systems, GPUs offer several advantages for AI tasks. GPUs excel at parallel processing, simultaneously handling massive amounts of data. This parallelism significantly speeds up AI computations, resulting in faster training times and more efficient inference.

DGX H100 overview

The DGX H100 is a state-of-the-art GPU acceleration solution that pushes the boundaries of AI performance. Let's delve into its technical specifications, design, and notable advancements.

The DGX H100 is a complete system built by NVIDIA. It's a part of NVIDIA's DGX platform. This system is specifically designed to leverage the capabilities of H100 GPUs. The DGX H100 integrates multiple H100 GPUs and other necessary hardware components (like CPUs, memory, storage, and networking) into a high-performance computing system. It's optimised for deep learning and AI tasks and has software and tools to support these workloads.

It can be configured with up to 8 H100 GPUs, substantially increasing processing power. Each H100 GPU, part of NVIDIA's Hopper architecture, is designed for high-efficiency AI computations. The system boasts an impressive GPU memory capacity for handling massive datasets and complex AI models. Additionally, it is equipped with NVIDIA's NVLink technology, which enables high-speed communication between the GPUs, facilitating efficient parallel processing and enhancing overall system performance.

The DGX H100 system is designed with efficient cooling mechanisms to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring consistent performance during prolonged AI workloads.

One of the key innovations of the DGX H100 is its advanced networking capabilities. It features NVIDIA Mellanox HDR InfiniBand, enabling high-speed data transfer and low-latency communication between nodes. This facilitates efficient distributed training of AI models across multiple DGX H100 systems, accelerating the training process even further.

Compared to its predecessors and competitors, the DGX H100 sets new standards in GPU acceleration for AI. Its integration of the latest H100 GPUs and NVLink technology delivers unparalleled performance and scalability.

What is the H100 GPU used for?


The H100 GPU is specifically designed for high-performance computing and AI applications. It offers exceptional GPU acceleration capabilities, enabling faster processing and analysis of complex data sets.


Performance Analysis

To truly gauge the capabilities of the DGX H100, it is essential to analyse its performance through benchmark tests and comparisons with predecessors and competitors.

The NVIDIA DGX H100's performance analysis reveals it to be a significant advancement in AI and deep learning computing. Its ability to accelerate the training of large language models by more than fourfold compared to previous generations underlines its computational prowess. This is further emphasised by an impressive scaling efficiency when expanding the number of GPUs used.

In specific tasks like the BERT NLP workload, the DGX H100 demonstrated a 17% improvement in per-accelerator performance, indicative of substantial gains in processing power and efficiency. These improvements are attributed to a combination of software enhancements and optimised use of floating-point precision technologies.

The DGX H100 stands out for its ability to handle complex AI workloads with increased speed and efficiency, marking it as a leading solution in the field of high-performance AI computing. For a more comprehensive understanding, NVIDIA's technical blog provides detailed insights

How many GPUs does a DGX H100 have?


The DGX H100 is equipped with a total of eight GPUs. This powerful configuration allows much parallel processing, enabling accelerated performance and enhanced productivity in AI workloads.


DGX H100 as a Server Solution

The DGX H100 is a powerful GPU acceleration solution and an excellent choice as a server for AI applications. Its server capabilities and advantages make it a compelling option for organisations looking to enhance their AI infrastructure.

The DGX H100's high-performance computing capabilities and advanced networking features make it well-suited for server deployments. Its ability to handle massive datasets and complex AI workloads efficiently ensures optimal performance in server environments.

For scalability, the DGX H100 can be part of the DGX SuperPOD, a scalable AI centre of excellence, providing up to 70 terabytes/sec of bandwidth, which is an 11-fold increase over previous generations. This setup is ideal for automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, where massive AI models are essential. The system's flexibility allows deployment in various formats, whether on-premises, co-located, or through managed service providers.

Integration with existing IT infrastructure is seamless with the DGX H100. It supports popular AI frameworks and libraries, making it compatible with various software ecosystems. Its compact form factor and efficient cooling mechanisms allow easy integration into data centre environments.

Final thoughts on the H100 for AI

The DGX H100 is a groundbreaking GPU system that pushes the boundaries of AI performance. Its powerful A100 GPUs, advanced networking capabilities, and efficient design offer unparalleled computational power and scalability. As a server solution, the DGX H100 handles large-scale AI workloads and real-time decision-making tasks. It seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure further enhances its appeal. The DGX H100 represents a significant advancement in AI technology, enabling organisations to achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity in their AI projects.

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