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Rendering in the cloud with Davinci Resolve

CUDO Ventures

CUDO Ventures

CUDO compute is a cloud platform designed for carrying out high performance computing tasks at significantly lower prices of major cloud companies.

CUDO compute supports video editing in the cloud on CPU and GPU with per second billing so you only pay for what you use. Video editing in the cloud with Davinci resolve allows you to work with multiple users on different workstations on the same project. Share your editing process with your team, or leave large renders to run without using your local machine leaving you free to work on other projects.

Davinci offers a free version of Resolve and a paid version called Davinci studio. The free version is limited to a 4K timeline resolution and a single GPU. Davinci Resolve has high CPU requirements however Davinci resolve makes more use of GPU than other popular video editors. The four main areas the GPU is used for are processing GPU effects, debayering (and optionally decoding) RAW media, and H.264/HEVC decoding/encoding. The paid version of Davinci Resolve supports on board hardware decoder separate from the CUDA cores leaving the GPU and CPU free for other tasks.

At Cudo we have data centers offering NVIDIA RTX A4000, A5000 and A6000 GPUs with the A6000 providing 48GB of VRAM. The low cost A4000 available on CUDO Compute are capable of 4k rendering, the A5000 and A6000 will support 6k/8k timeline resolutions (studio version only). CUDO Compute pairs NVIDIA GPUs with AMD EPYC CPUs for maximum performance. It is recommended to use a server with 32GB or more of RAM. These NVIDIA Ampere GPUs have dedicated onboard hardware encoders and decoder for MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264 (AVCHD), H.265 (HEVC), VP8, VP9 formats at up to 8K.

Start a VM on CUDO Compute with Microsoft Windows and Install Davinci Resolve and Davinci Project Server (available from the support page) on your cloud VM. Davinci project server is used to manage your project database. Copy the connecting settings on your remote database and add them to your local copy of Davinci Resolve.

About CUDO Compute

CUDO Compute is a fairer cloud computing platform for everyone. It provides access to distributed resources by leveraging underutilised computing globally on idle data centre hardware. It allows users to deploy virtual machines on the world’s first democratised cloud platform, finding the optimal resources in the ideal location at the best price.

CUDO Compute aims to democratise the public cloud by delivering a more sustainable economic, environmental, and societal model for computing by empowering businesses and individuals to monetise unused resources.

Our platform allows organisations and developers to deploy, run and scale based on demands without the constraints of centralised cloud environments. As a result, we realise significant availability, proximity and cost benefits for customers by simplifying their access to a broader pool of high-powered computing and distributed resources at the edge.

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